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We have long experience in designing games, and can take them all the way from initial high design to the delivery of a finished product. We are experts on scoping projects according to costs and budget, while getting the best possible game out on the market.

Stunning 3D visuals

Our gifted artists and programmers are pushing the browser to the limit when it comes to graphical fidelity, while still keeping a focused eye on maximum performance. We can deliver all kinds of 3D online games, in addition to 2D art, GUI, marketing art and more.

Proven and scalable server technology

Our proprietary server technology is capable of handling millions of users, as well as handling rapid scaling during growth periods. This allows us to deliver true MMO experiences with massive PvP battles.

Free 2 play expertise

After years in the regular triple A market, we have over the last few years worked almost solely in the Free 2 Play segment of games. This has given us invaluable insights on this business model, and how to make it work in an optimal fashion. Not only can we develop unique F2P games, we also know how to monetize them well.

Live operations

We are now taking more and more projects beyond the pure development phase, and into live operations. This means that we are handling the entire development of the game, as well as marketing, sales, billing, community management, and not the least live game updates once the game hits the market.

Would you like to get more information about Artplant, or are you interested in working with us?

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